Petrochemical Business Product

Propylene Oxide

Propylene Oxide, which is transparent and highly-reactive, is produced through epoxidation reaction with propylene.
It is a base material in the manufacture of Polyol(automobile, furniture appliance, and building insulating materials), Propylene Glycol(cosmetics, fibers), Propylene Glycol Ether(detergent), and etc.

PPropylene Oxide : Item, Test Method, Sales Spec. Table.
Item Test Method Sales Spec.
Appearance Visual Transparent and free of any suspended matter
Purity, wt% G.C Min 99.9
Aldehyde, wt% Titration Max 0.005
Color, APHA ASTM D1209 Max 10
Water, wt% ASTM E1064 Max 0.02
Acidity, wt% ASTM D1613 Max 0.003
Sp. Gr. (@20℃) ASTM D4052 0.829 ~ 0.831
Non Volatile Residue ASTM D1353 Max 0.0005