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Xylene has an aroma, and is a low-flammable liquid with no color. The substance is harmful to the body.
Xylene is used for compound material, paint, and varnish, and the area of application is wide when used as the raw material of Para-Xylene.

Xylene : Item, Test Method, Sales Spec. Table.
Item Test Method Sales Spec.
Appearance Visual Clear
Sp-gr, 15.56 ℃/15.56 ℃ ASTM D-4052 0.86500-0.8750
Color Pt/Co ASTM D-1209 Max 20
Acid Wash Color ASTM D-848 Max 2
Sulfur Compounds ASTM D-853 Free of H2S/So2
Cooper Corrosion ASTM D-849 Pass
Bromi neIndex,mg/100g ASTM D-1491 Max 20
Acidity ASTM D-847 No Free Acid
Non-Aromatics,VOl% ASTM D-2360 Max 2.0
C9+Aromatics,Vol% ASTM D-2267 Max 1.0
Range of Distillation, ℃ ASTM D-850 139.3±5.0
Recovery,% ASTM D-850 Min 98.0
Para-Xylene,Vol % UOP-394 Report
Meta-Xylene,Vol % UOP-394 Report
Ortho-Xylene,Vol % UOP-394 Report
Ethly-Benxene,Vol % UOP-394 Report