Petrochemical Business Product


Toluene is a liquid with no color. It is highly flammable and has an aroma. The substance is dangerous to the body when breathing in steam.
Toluene is used for paint, ink, rubber, and glue. It is also used as a raw material of petro-chemical products.

Toluene : Item, Test Method, Sales Spec. Table.
Item Test Method Sales Spec.
Appearance ASTM D-4052 Clear
Sp-gr, 15.56 ℃/15.56℃ ASTM D-1209 0.8690-0.8730
Color Pt/Co ASTM D-848 Max 20
Acid Wash Color ASTM D-853 Max 2
Sulfur Compounds ASTM D-849 Free of H2S/So2
Copper Corrosion ASTM D-847 Pass
Acidity ASTM D-2360 No Free Acid
NonAcomatics,wt.% ASTM D-2360 Max 1.5
ange of Distillation, ℃ ASTM D-850 110.6±1.0
Recovery,% ASTM D-4052 Min 98.0