Petrochemical Business Product


Para-Xylene is made by separating compound xylene, and is a transparent liquid with no color. It is harmful to the body. The product has high value as it is used to produce terephthalic acid, which becomes raw material for polyester, fiber, PET bottles, and films.

Para-Xylene : Item, Test Method, Sales Spec. Table.
Item Test Method Sales Spec.
Appearance Visual Clear
Color Pt/Co ASTM D-1209 Max 10
Sp-gr, 15.56 ℃/15.56 ℃ ASTM D-4052 0.8650-0.8670
Bromi neIndex,mg/100g ASTM D-1492 Max 200
Acid Wash Color ASTM D-848 Max 2
Freezing Point, ASTM D-1493 Min 13.08
Doctor test ASTM D-4952 Negative
Acidity ASTM D-849 Pass
Non-Aromatics,VOl% ASTM D-4045 Max 0.5
C9+Aromatics,Vol% UOP-395 Max 1.0
Range of Distillation, ℃ ASTM D-4629 Max ± 1
Recovery,% ASTM D-3798 Min 99.7
Para-Xylene,Vol % ASTM D-3798 Max 0.05
Meta-Xylene,Vol % ASTM D-3798 Max 0.2
Ortho-Xylene,Vol % ASTM D-3798 Max 0.1
Ethly-Benxene,Vol % ASTM D-3798 Max 0.2
Toluene,wt % ASTM D-3798 Max 0.1
Distillantion Range, ASTM D-850 Max 2.0 incl 138.4