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We are responding to various market demands by repeating continuous change and development.

Ever since its beginning of the finished lubricant business in 1989, S-OIL has been solidifying its position as a leading company in the market through relentless effort and innovation over the period.

S-OIL has been diversifying its product and brand portfolio in line with change of market environment. By launching DRAGON in 1989, SSU in 2005, and S-OIL 7 in 2014, the company has been leading the market trends pursuing high quality premium grades. Also, the company integrated its brands into S-OIL 7 in 2019 as a way of strengthening premium quality image to all the product lines leveraging the top-tier brand name. In industrial oil segment, we are expanding our line-up to meet the requirements of various industrial sub-segments, such as hydraulic oil, compressor oil, and gear oil to take advantage of our highly advanced lube base oil production technology.

S-OIL is responsible for the sales of S-OIL lubricant products in overseas markets, while domestic sales are handled by S-OIL TotalEnergies Lubricants Company, JV of S-OIL and France TotalEnergies, established in 2008.

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"S-OIL 7", S-OIL's top-tier lubricant brand, blended with PAO and aramcoULTRA / PRIMA / DURA, has characterized its five major characteristics-Fuel economy, Environment-friendliness, Drivability, Engine durability, Engine internal cleanliness, which are required for engines, combined with two customer values : Forward (improvement of drivability) and Ascend (satisfactory driving experience).

After launched in 2014 as a full synthetic oil brand, S-OIL 7 brand was integrated as the family brand of all replacing S-OIL DRAGON and S-OIL 7 Eco from 2019. Now, S-OIL 7 established its position as representing brand for 'K-LUBE', the Korean lubricant, exported to more than 70 countries.


Through the renewal of S-OIL 7 brand, different colors and numbers are applied for PCMO and HDDO for the purpose of easy differentiation as the table below.

S-OIL 7 : Category, Sub-brand - Color, Number Table.
Category Sub-brand - Color Number
PCMO Gold (ACEA Performance)
  • #9 - Fully Synthetic
  • #7 - Synthetic
  • #5 - Premium
Red (API Performance)
HDDO Black (ACEA Performance)
Blue (API Performance)

S-OIL Industrial Oil

S-OIL has a variety of industrial oil products including hydraulic oil / gear oil / compressor oil / turbine oil / process oil / insulating oil / grease. S-OIL industrial oils are outstanding in terms of abrasion resistance, thermal stability, antioxidant properties as well as purity and quality consistence.

The industrial oil product line of S-OIL is as follows.

S-OIL Industrial Oil : Product line, Product name, Features & advantages Table.
Product line Product name Features & advantages
Hydraulic Oil
Outstanding oxidation stability resulting in excellent performance in all hydraulic equipment even under harsh environment, longer life time in wide-range temperatures thanks to top-quality S-OIL base oils.
Gear Oil S-OIL GEAR LUBE Fit for all type of gear equipments containing sulfur/phosphorus-based additives.
Turbine Oil
A variety of product lines for power plants with quality of better protection, longer oil life and higher system efficiency.
Process Oil S-OIL Rubber Process Oil /
Process Oil
Highly refined paraffinic process oil with saturated carbon, bright and odorless, and remarkable property in oxidation stability and low volatility.
Compressor Oil S-OIL COMPRESSOR RS Value product with greater abrasion protection, longer oil life and better efficiency.
Insulating Oil S-OIL TRANSFORMER OIL Long, efficient operation with excellent transformer protection. Various products in line with recent trends for smaller, more demanding performance requirements.
Grease S-OIL GREASE EP, MP, MOLY, HT Wide application for industrial purposes, including automotive and marine under severe condition.

Business Contact

S-OIL TotalEnergies Lubricants Co. Ltd.

As a joint venture between S-OIL and TotalEnergies Marketing Services, S-OIL TotalEnergies Lubricants Co. Ltd. conducts the lubricants business for domestic market from manufacturing to sales.

S-OIL TotalEnergies Lubricants Co. Ltd. have competitiveness in raw materials, manufacturing and sales based on top-quality base oils and formulation technology and marketing expertise supported by S-OIL.

S-OIL TotalEnergies Lubricants Co. Ltd. is taking the lead in the domestic lubricants market by producing and timely supplying a variety of product lines based on a large-scale production system of approximately 150,000 KL per year and regional logistics systems.

  • Address : 37, Chilpae-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul (16th floor of HSBC Building), 04511
  • Main Number : +82-2-6320-2000
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