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  • [CEO News] S-OIL holds New Year charity event “Sharing Tteokguk with S-OIL”
  • 2024.02.05

● S-OIL delivered New Year gift packages to low-income families in Mapo-gu, adjacent to its headquarters.  

● It donated 30 million won to neighbors in need. 

S-OIL (CEO Anwar al-Hejazi) on Jan. 5  held a charity event “2024 Sharing Tteokguk (rice cake soup) with S-OIL” at the Yeom-li Social Welfare Center, Mapo-gu, Seoul after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On that day, some 50 executives and employees, including the CEO, volunteered to distribute tteokguk to low-income residents at the Yeom-li Social Welfare Center and put together and delivered 200 New Year gift packages. In addition, the company delivered a donation of 30 million won to the center to share kindheartedness. 

“I hope that this ‘Sharing Tteokguk with S-OIL’ event, which S-OIL has continued for over ten years, will help our neighbors have a happy Lunar New Year’s Day,” CEO Anwar al-Hejazi said. “We’ll strive to keep spreading warmth to our neighbors.”

Since 2007, on the occasion of every Lunar New Year’s Day, S-OIL executives and employees have volunteered to offer tteokguk to disadvantaged people. Other than this, the refiner has provided heating oil to the underprivileged in winter and offered unstinting support to needy neighbors, including low-income and multicultural families and disabled people. 


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