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'Profitable and Sustainable Growth' is the mission of S-OIL

S-OIL successfully completed state-of-the-art S-OIL New Complex(RUC & ODC) project, which is the largest in the history of domestic oil and petrochemicals industry, with an investment of 5 trillion won, and started commercial operations in November 2018.

S-OIL New Complex consists of the Residue Upgrading Complex(RUC) and the Olefin Downstream Complex(ODC).

Residue Upgrading Complex reprocesses residues from the crude oil refining process and converts them into high-value-added products such as gasoline and propylene.

Olefin Downstream Complex produces propylene oxide(PO) and polypropylene(PP) by injecting propylene produced from Residue Upgrading Complex. Propylene oxide is a raw material for polyurethane for automotive interior materials, electronic products, and insulation materials. Polypropylene is a type of plastic and is used for various purposes including automobile bumpers.

S-OIL has expanded its business operations based on Olefin Downstream Complex, and has the ability to produce high-value-added high-tech materials that can be applied to automobiles, home appliances, information technology(IT) and biotechnology(BT). In addition, S-OIL produced raw materials with high importation reliability such as propylene oxide in Korea, resulting in stable profits by replacing imports.

S-OIL has made an innovative transition from oil to chemical through RUC & ODC.
This will be the cornerstone of S-OIL becoming 'The most competitive and admired energy & chemical company in Asia Pacific'.