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Benzene has a unique aroma with high flammability as a no-colored and/or light yellow liquid. Use with care due to potential harm to the body.
Uses: raw materials including styrene monomer, cycloid-hexane, alkali benzene, phenol, and acetone process producing synthetic resin, synthetic material, and synthetic detergent.
Benzene Table
Item Test Method Sales Spec.
Appearance Visual Clear
Sp-gr, 15.56 ℃
/15.56 ℃
ASTM D-4052 0.8820-0.8860
Solidification Point, ℃ ASTM D-852 Min 5.39
Color Pt/Co ASTM D-1209 Max 20
Acid Wash Color AASTM D-848 Max 2
Thiophene, pp ASTM D-1685 Max 1.0
CS2, ppm ASTM D-2324 Max 1.0
Sulfur Compounds ASTM D-853 Free of H2S/So2
Water, ppm ASTM D-1744 Report
Copper Corrosion ASTM D-849 pass
Acidity ASTM D-847 No Free Acid
Range of Distillation, ℃ ASTM D-850 80.1±1
Recovery,% ASTM D-850 Min 97