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  • [Corp News] S-OIL to produce bio-based, low-carbon, eco-friendly products
  • 2024.01.29

● S-OIL has begun to introduce bio-based feedstocks, including used cooking oil and the byproducts of the palm oil, to produce low-carbon fuels such as sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), a first for a refiner in Korea.

● It will produce eco-friendly chemicals, using waste plastic-based pyrolysis oil, thereby contributing to resolving the waste plastic problem. 

S-OIL (CEO Anwar A. Al-Hejazi) on Jan. 29 started to include bio-based feedstocks such as used cooking oil, byproducts of the palm oil, and waste plastic-based pyrolysis oil into the refining and chemical processes to produce low-carbon energy and eco-friendly chemical products. 

As it will co-process crude oil, bio-based feedstocks, and waste plastic-based pyrolysis oil in the existing refining process, it will produce biofuels with low carbon intensity such as sustainable aviation oil and next-generation biodiesel as well as bio-based petrochemical feedstocks such as naphtha and polypropylene. 

The incorporation of bio-based feedstocks into the refining process is a first for a refiner in Korea.    

This comes after the approval for the demonstration of the co-processing of waste plastic-based pyrolysis oil in July and bio-based feedstocks in December last year under the government’s regulatory sandbox program, a special deregulation program. The Company has now started to use the feedstocks after promptly completing preparatory work such as the installation of feedstock injection facilities. It plans to expand the volume for eco-friendly products by assessing yield changes in the product portfolio and the impact on the production processes while adjusting the mix ratio of new alternatives such as bio-based feedstocks and waste plastic pyrolysis oil over the next two years. 

To keep pace with the global decarbonization trend, S-OIL signed a partnership with Samsung C&T to develop new businesses on hydrogen and biofuels in 2021 and sealed a partnership with Dansuk to build supply chains of eco-friendly, low-carbon fuels and chemical feedstocks last December. 

A source from S-OIL said. “The company will seek International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) of fuels produced from alternative feedstocks to accelerate green energy and chemical businesses and will also specify their carbon reduction effect, thereby contributing to the government’s green energy policies and building a circular economy.”


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